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clemente ciarrocca (b. 1994 Rome, IT) is an artist whose interdisciplinary practice incorporates theory into materiality to deconstructively explore the relationship between desire, individuation and objectification.

selected work

Until This I Mean This


To Kiss on a Battlefield

Finite Eyes


Until This I Mean This

49 Forster Strasse, Berlin, DE

May 11—June 23, 2024

Until This I Mean This is a collection of works for exhibition. All works were produced in the two months preceding the opening of the exhibition space to the public, May 11, and were conceived as edges, figurines, doodles, games within a journey of flight, or perhaps, of landing.


press release & map

Mea, Precious Angel: Provocations toward a Modularity of the Abyss serves as the companion text to Until This I Mean This. Drawing on the notion of the erotic articulated by Audre Lorde in her seminal 1978 speech Uses of the Erotic, the text explores ‘limic’ feeling as a further, undefining e—mergence of deep erotism. The limic is a type of devotion to the lush, rampant space — the limit — between two whose individuation and identification are suspended to let feeling take the full lead. In the narrative, identification and identity are understood in connection to their Latin origin, idem, meaning 'sameness', standing in contrast to the unbridled diversity of experience. The text weaves together a tapestry of references from academic writings to poetry and literature, eventually linking the 'logic of the limit' to the concept of the alcove — a newly introduced notion that reverts objectification to the private, ( I )ndividual realm of daily life. Mea experiments with the form of the “pasquinata tragica”, a public and satirical mode of institutional critique original of early medieval Rome.

Mea, Precious Angel — 1. Erotic (.pdf, 2.3mb)







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